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Whether you want to reach your target group

  • on a regional,
  • national or even
  • international level,

traktorpool makes it possible!

If you provide us with details of your customers that are as specific as possible, we can target them accurately.

This looks after your budget and ensures that you attract attention within your target group!

Discover the possibilities of the best known and most used agricultural website in Germany!

Our top-Bundle

Make sure your brand is always at the top in our marketplace and reach your potential customers shortly before they commit to a purchase. 


The advertising media in our top bundle are always displayed in the top third on relevant websites and guarantee that your message has high visibility and attracts maximum attention. 


The Top Bundle consists of Billboard, Leaderboard and Medium Rectangle advertising.


It will be placed on search result and detail pages on our marketplace that match your goals.


CPM: 17 €

Our Branding-Bundle

Show off your brand to superb effect!

We allow you to perfectly showcase your brand at the heart of our marketplace, on the homepage of

Place your messages at the starting point for hundreds of thousands of search engine searches and reach tomorrow's customers today.


The branding bundle consists of a large billboard (1000x400 px) and a sticky half page ad (300x600). The two advertising media can be indented and are considered an XXL advertising space. 

For users with smaller screens there is option to use smaller advertising media (leaderboard, sky scraper) to create a perfect touchpoint.


Price for desktop and tablet devices : 8,000€/month.


In addition, you can extend your presence to reach mobile users of Place an additional Medium Rectangle ad on the mobile home page.  


Price for mobile devices: 2,000€/month (can only be booked in combination with the desktop option)



Other formats and prices

Format Size

Price per 1.000

Placements Targeting-options
(Fallback Leaderboard)
970 x 250 Pixel
(728 x 90 Pixel)
 24.00 € Homepage, SERP, detailpage geographical, machine-specific
Sticky Halfpage Ad
(Fallback Skyscraper)
300 x 600 Pixel
(160/120 x 600 Pixel)
 15.00 € Homepage, SERP, detailpage geographical,
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 Pixel 9.00 € Homepage, SERP, detailpage geographical, machine-specific
Floor Ad 728 x 90 Pixel  17.00 € Homepage, SERP, detailpage geographical, machine-specific
Wallpaper XXL 1000 x 250 +
300 x 600 Pixel
 30.00 € Homepage, SERP geographical, machine-specific
Newsletter 970 x 250 Pixel
(300 x 250 Pixel)
 500.00 €
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Prices valid as of 01.01.2021 | The minimum order value is 500 €