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Impressive usage figures prove:
No other internet offer from the agricultural sector provides such a broad range,

which is also independently supported by IVW and AGOF.

The 2019 agriMA study (carried out every 4 years) confirms that:


traktorpool is the best known and most used agricultural website in Germany!


Targeting - address your target group accurately

Product groups (e.g. harvesting machines) or product categories (e.g. combine harvesters)
Give us targeted product groups or categories and advertise where your customers are
 - for example, your advertising in the Tractors parent category will make approximately 2.5 million impressions per month. In the more specific Potato Technology category, some 35,000 impressions.

Geo-targeting or country-specific advertising
Every country, state, city or postal code is translated into an IP address. With the help of this IP, your advertising can be delivered only to a specific region. Please tell us the region in which your advertising is to be seen, and we will be able to display your adverts according to your needs.

Frequency capping/time restriction
Of course, it is also not a problem if you wish to show your adverts to each user only a few times every day, or to limit the delivery to certain times of day in order to use the booked ad impressions as effectively as possible.

Mobile Advertising - reach your customers on the go too

The use of the traktorpool's mobile pages is growing rapidly and already reached the 50% mark in 2016.


It is therefore all the more important to reach your target group on the go as well.

Advertising in the traktorpool newsletter
In cooperation with the leading agricultural technology magazine profi, the traktorpool newsletter regularly provides the latest news from the field of agricultural technology, event schedules, traktorpool offers and much more.


Branded content via traktorpool's Facebook presence
Take advantage of traktorpool's Facebook reach to directly address more than 300,000 fans directly in their timeline.


more options are possible - please contact us!